Roberto Alonso Trillo

Assistant Professor
Directed Studies Coordinator





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Roberto Alonso's practice explores the connections between different artistic disciplines, from music and dance to video art and interactive sound installations. His recent work examines networked hybrid music practices endemic to a world increasingly mediated by AI and machine learning. His multipronged practice-based and -led research spans a post-structuralist reconsideration of musical workhood and authorship, technologically enhanced string pedagogy, gestural analysis, and interface development.

Recent publications include “Demiurge: A Music of Babel" in the Leonardo Journal (2022) and “Mozart’s Sinfonia Concertante, K. 364: An Enlightened Operatic Reading” in Music Scholarship (2021). In 2019, Routledge published his first monograph entitled Death and (Re)Birth of J. S. Bach: Reconsidering Musical Authorship and the Work-Concept. His forthcoming publications explore areas as divergent as the networked hybrid AI project Debris and the potential of gestural migration as a pedagogical tool. An edited volume, entitled Choreomata: on AI and performativity, will be published by CRC Press/Taylor & Francis in 2023, including contributions by academics and artists as diverse as Barbara Bolt, Refik Anadol, or Luciana Parisi.

Roberto has developed an active performing career that attempts to find a reciprocally enriching balance between his academic and performative approaches to music. He has covered a wide repertoire ranging from early baroque to contemporary and experimental music, having commissioned and premiered various works by internationally acclaimed composers such as Camilo Méndez, Davor Vincze, Silvia Rosani, Gabriel Bolaños, Stylianos Dimou, Fernando Buide, Henrik Denerin, Gabriel Erkoreka, Esaias Järnegard, Seán Clancy, Tomás Marco, Eduardo Soutullo, or Octavio Vázquez. He is a member of Vertixe Sonora Ensemble, one of the most interesting and innovative new music ensembles today, combining the extensive performance of chamber/ensemble music with his secondary specializations in both viola and baroque violin. In 2021 IBS Classical published his latest recording with a selection of violin sonatas from the Italian Baroque. In 2022 alone, three new albums will be released: i. Debris - an album of machine-learning-based electronic music (Creotz records), ii. Archon - featuring the first recording of the Archon project (NEOS records), and iii. a monograph of Camilo Méndez’s works for ensemble (NEOS records).


  • Interdisciplinary Research & Creative Practice
  • Performance Practice
  • Contemporary Music
  • Philosophy of Music
  • Music and AI
  • Interface Development