Dr. Davor Vincze

Postdoctoral Research Fellow






Davor Vincze is a composer of contemporary music whose artistic focus lies on meta-reality and musical mosaicking. Inspired by technology and science fiction, he searches for hidden acoustic spaces or ways to blur the real and the imaginary, often using electronics and AI tools. Working with mosaics (multiple copies of fragmented sound gestures), using technique he calls ‘microllage’, Vincze searches for fluid sounds that allow for non-binary, ambiguous, or "androgynous" interpretations.

After completing his composition studies in Graz and Stuttgart, Vincze specialized in electronic music at the Ircam and finally completed his doctorate at Stanford University. His compositions have been performed by renowned international musicians like Ensembles Modern, Recherche, and Intercontemporain, Klangforum Wien, Talea and Slagwerk den Haag, JACK and Del Sol Quartet, Secession and No Borders Orchestra. Slovene and Zagreb Philharmonic etc, at festivals such as Présences, Impuls, MATA, Manifeste, Darmstadt, Zagreb Biennale and others. In 2023, he completed his Arts Fellowship at Emory University in Atlanta. In 2014, Vincze founded an international festival for contemporary music - Novalis. Since 2023 he has been co-director of the Music Biennale Zagreb. Vincze's works are published by Maison ONA in Paris.

Vincze won Alain Louvier Prize, Stuttgart Composition Competition and 2nd prize at the Pre-Art Composition competition, Impuls Festival competition, and has been awarded many stipends in support of his studies and creations of new works. In 2020/21, Vincze was the winner of "Boris Papandopulo Prize” for the best Croatian composer of contemporary music, winner of the European Contemporary Composition Orchestra competition, winner of the best audiovisual work at the International Competition Città di Udine (Italy), as well as one of five awardees of 'New Music, New Paths' competition in Hong Kong, and he got selected for the artist residency both at the Institute of Electronic Music in Graz (2021) as well as at SWR Experimentalstudio (2022).

His piece "XinSheng" was selected for the production of Noperas! in Germany, and a new, expanded version under the new title "Freedom Collective" will premiere in numerous theatres in Germany (Gelsenkirchen, Bremen and Darmstadt) in 2024. Vincze will continue to develop this interdisciplinary opera project as part of his post-doctoral research, which he began this year (2023) at Hong Kong Baptist University.