Student Showcase

Student's in our degree programs engage in a broad range of learning activities. Here are just a few:

Recording and Arranging

Students in our BA Year-2 Music Technology class (formerly Recording Techniques) are asked to record and mix their own arrangement of the Beatle's "We Can Work It Out".

They record 2 or more tracks of audio (with microphones) and 2 or more tracks using a MIDI keyboard and sythesized sounds, and then mix/blend them together convincingly. Can you tell which sounds are which?

The project aims to develop a critical ear for combining different technologies into cohesive presentations and to become proficient with technologies they may use to further their careers. (Quality of performances is not assessed.)

NOTE: The audio quality of these excerpts is best appreciated with headphones or full-range monitors.

BA Year-2 Student's "We Can Work It Out." - Click here for YouTube

Audio and Video Production

Students are also given a change to work with sound and video, which for quality productions, are always recorded seperately and then combined in post-production.

Here they are asked to record, mix, and auther a DVD, combining basic video and professional quality audio recordings suitable for use as audition tape for graduate school or professional activities. Can you hear a difference in quality between this recording and others by professional recording engineers?

The aims are to develop a critical ear for identifying acceptable and unacceptable levels of recording quality for the student's instrument and/or voice, and to develop the technical ability to present their performances and compositions on professional formats. (Quality of performances is not assessed.)

BA Year-2 Student's "Boy Wanted" Click here for YouTube

Film Scoring

Student's are also given the opportunity to explore music technology and composition through Film Scoring and Sound Design. The aims are to develop their ability to work with music and images intelligently, sensitively, and with technical proficiiency. 

This example is a trailer of a full-length feature film 《廿六大吉》預告片 (趙澤標作品) "26 Happiness Road." Sound for the film was recorded, edited, mixed and mastered (in 5.1 surround) in our Electro-acoustic Music Centre by one of our graduate students. The film has been screend world-wide and, along with it's sound track, has won many awards including:
Winner - 2011 Los Angeles Reel Film Festival (Best Foreign Film)
Winner - 2011 Canada International Film Festival (Award of Excellence)
Winner - 2011 Los Angeles Movie Awards (Award of Excellenec)

Sebastian Seidel's film score 《廿六大吉》 Cliick here for YouTube

Electro-acoustic Composition

Composition students extend their knowledge and artistry of Music Technology in the Electro-acoustic Music class. There they are challanged to combine acoustic instruments and electro-acoustic sounds in convincing original compositions for stereo and multi-channel formats.

This example is for Flute, Real-time Digital Signal Processing and Electro-acoustic Tape was selected for performance at the

2012 International Computer Music Conference in Slovenia.

It is originally for 6.0 surround, but has been mixed down to stereo here.

Kelvin Au Ka Ho's playing his "Dark Echos." Click here if no playbar

Instrumental Composition

Many of our students and faculty choose to work primerily on acoustic instrumental compositions (unplugged). Here we emphasize traditional compositional practices with excersizes both contemporary and historic.

This example is from a set of theme and variations from our Year-2 Composition class; a great way to build compositional technique.

Joshua Ng's playing his "Theme and Variations." Click here if no playbar

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