Dr. Ho-Chak Law
Visiting Lecturer
Ethnomusicology and Film Music Studies
Office: AST1101
Tel.: 3411-2268
E-mail: hoclaw@hkbu.edu.hk

Ho-Chak Law studies film music and the music of the Sinophone sphere, with a focus on Chinese opera, solo instrumental genres, treatises on performance, and the notions of mediation and cultural translation. His research is concerned with subject matters ranging from music ecology and musical authorship to cultural nationalism and the representation of the subaltern.

Holding a Ph.D. in musicology (with an ethnomusicological emphasis) from University of Michigan as well as a B.A. in comparative literature and a M.Phil. in musicology from the University of Hong Kong, Ho-Chak teaches courses in ethnomusicology, film music, popular music, cultural history of music, among other topics. He was a recipient of the Barbara Barnard Smith Prize awarded by the Association for Chinese Music Research and the Louise E. Cuyler Prize in Musicology for Best Paper or Presentation awarded by the Department of Musicology at University of Michigan. Since 2009, he has presented papers at annual meetings of the Society for Ethnomusicology, World Conferences of the International Council for Traditional Music, and other national and international conferences. His scholarly publications have appeared in TDR/The Drama Review, Music and the Moving Image, and CHINOPERL: Journal of Chinese Oral and Performing Literature.

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