Composition and Technology Facilities
In the composition programme we believe all musicians should be able to create music, and be competent in the technoology to present it to others. We honour 'whole person education' in allowing our students to find their own voice in composition, with or without technology.
Music Technology Centre
A place for instruction , study, and creative work, the facility has 25 sets of computers, keyboards, audio interfaces, and abundant software.
Electro-acoustic Music Centre
For those interested in electro-acoustic music, our facilities are among the finest world-wide. Recently rennovated and re-equiped, our EMC is a thuroughly professional recording studio with 5.1 surround and Pro Tools HD3. Studio C features a dedicated video editing station.
Laboratory for Immersive Arts and Technology (LIATe)
This newly opened faciity features the region's only 24.2 channel sound system, (9 speakers in the ceilng) and 5 screen HD surround video system. The control room features mastering level monitoring and equipment.

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Video about LIATe: Full Size mp4 - WebM VP8 - YouTube
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