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The Cantoria Hong Kong is a mixed choir of select students from the HKBU Department of Music. ¡§Cantoria¡¨ is an old Spanish word meaning ¡§choir,¡¨ but it is especially appropriate for the Baptist University setting, since it highlights the multiple languages and cultures experienced in the Hong Kong landscape. The group was established by Prof. John Winzenburg in September 2009 to develop a wide range of advanced choral repertoire representing various periods and styles both old and new. It sings an eclectic blend of works from the 16th to the 20th centuries, specializing in contemporary repertoire from China and around the world.

The Cantoria has gained both local and international recognition since performing its first concert at St. John¡¦s Cathedral in April 2010. It has hosted five annual Chamber Choir Showcase events with guest choirs and artists at Hong Kong City Hall Concert Hall since April 2011. The choir has also performed jointly with HKBU choral and instrumental ensembles in recent years, including annual Colla Voce concerts, as well as departmental Musical Collage and Gala concerts. It was awarded the 2015 WYCCF-Jebsen Choral Arts Youth Scholarship in recognition of its contribution to Hong Kong choral music.

The ensemble made its first international appearance in the Czech Republic in June 2010 to participate in the 2010 Festival of Songs Olomouc, where it was awarded a Gold Medal in the category for chamber choirs. It has performed concerts in the PRC (Tianjin, Beijing, Shenzhen), Taiwan (Taipei, Kaohsiung), and the United Kingdom (Cambridge, London), including a feature concert at the main Concert Hall of the National Centre for the Performing Arts in Beijing in 2012. In recent years, it has collaborated with acclaimed groups the National Youth Choir of Great Britain, the New Zealand Secondary Students Choir the Choir of Royal Holloway, the Philippine Madrigal Singers, and The 24 from the University of York, as well renowned conductors Chen Yun Hung and Jo-Michael Scheibe, conductor/composers Ko Matsushita and Ben Parry, and countertenor Robin Tyson (King¡¦s Singers).

The ensemble was featured on RTHK Radio 4 "University Voices" in 2013 and on RTHK TV Arts On Air: World Youth & Children¡¦s Choir Festival 2015. The Cantoria was also featured on the 2015 Edition Peters CD and website Half Moon Rising: Choral Music from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan. In June 2016, the choir successfully completed its United Kingdom Tour, where it performed at King¡¦s College Chapel of Cambridge University, the Chapel of Royal Holloway University of London, the Gresham Centre, and on the BBC Radio 3 programme ¡§In Tune.¡¨ It then performed a joint concert with the National Youth Choir of Great Britain during the NYCGB tour in Hong Kong in August 2016, which was aired on RTHK Radio 4 ¡§Voices of Youth¡¨ in December of that year.

More recently, the Cantoria performed as the featured choir for the newly composed cantata ¡§Hong Kong Odyssey,¡¨ which premiered under the directorship of Chan Hing-yan, Lio Kuokman, and Helen Lai at Hong Kong City Hall Concert Hall as part of the 2017 Hong Kong Arts Festival. In March 2018, the ensemble performed a leading role for the production of ¡§The Suppliant Women¡¨ by Aeschylus at the 2018 Hong Kong Arts Festival in collaboration with the Actors Touring Company (UK) and the Royal Lyceum Theatre Edinburgh. It presented a joint concert with the national New Zealand Secondary Students Choir and Wah Yan College Kowloon in July 2018, which was later aired on RTHK Radio 4. Also in the summer of 2018, the Cantoria recorded its first CD ¡§Quotation of Queries: Choral Encounters of Hong Kong, China, and the Distant West¡¨ at Studio 28 in Bangkok for release by PARMA/NAXOS in April 2020.

Music Director: Prof. John Winzenburg

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April 2020
A collection of choral music featuring traditional compositions, recent works, and debut recordings by prominent composers from Hong Kong and the United Kingdom. Recorded by HKBU student choir Cantoria Hong Kong under the direction of Professor John Winzenburg.

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Available on 10 April.
March 2018
The Cantoria performs as the featured choir in "The Suppliant Women" at the 46th Hong Kong Arts Festival

22-25 March 2018
Theatre,City Hall

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February 2017
The Cantoria performs as the featured choir in the premiere of Hong Kong Odyssey at the 45th Hong Kong Arts Festival

25-27 February 2017 | 8:00pm
Concert Hall,City Hall

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December 2016
The recording of the NYCGB and Cantoria Hong Kong concert (13 Aug 2016) was broadcast on RTHK Radio 4 in two segments in December 2016.

Viewers can access/listen to the first broadcast at the link below

The second broadcast is available via streaming at the link below

June 2016
The Cantoria Hong Kong is travelling to UK in June 2016 for a concert tour featuring Evensong Services in King's College, Cambridge, and a joint-concert with National Youth Choir of Great Britain (NYCGB) Fellowship Octet among other performances. The NYCGB will make their trip to Hong Kong and join Cantoria again in August 2016 for a summer concert in Academic Community Hall, Hong Kong Baptist University.

Watch it here via NYCGB Summerfest 2016 website and NYCGB Summerfest 2016 Facebook Page.

Cantoria Hong Kong Sings on BBC Radio 3 In Tune - Click here to listen until 10 July (starts at 01:20)

July 2015
The Cantoria Hong Kong sang Ben Parry's Spring Sonnets at the ¡§World Youth & Children¡¦s Choir Festival 2015 ¡V Hong Kong¡¨ in July 2015. The performance was broadcasted on RTHK TV 31 on 29th August 2015. Click here to watch it on the RTHK website archives of ¡§Arts On Air¡¨ (Cantoria's performance starts at 20m12s).
February 2015
The Cantoria Hong Kong and HKBU Choir are the featured ensembles on the newly published CD and website for the choral anthology ¡§Half Moon Rising: Choral Music from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan.¡¨ The 24-piece collection was compiled and edited by HKBU Associate Prof. John Winzenburg and published by Edition Peters in February 2015. The tracks can be heard on the Half Moon Rising website.
April 2013
The Chamber Choir Showcase hosted by the Cantoria Hong Kong on 29 April 2013 was broadcasted on RTHK Radio 4 on 7th and 14th July 2013. Click here to listen to the RTHK website archives of ¡§University Voices¡¨.
June 2012
The Cantoria was invited by the National Centre for the Performing Arts in Beijing to perform a 90-minute, feature Weekend Concert ¡§New Sounds in Choral Music of China & the World¡¨ at the NCPA main Concert Hall on 10th June, 2012. The performance is videotaped live for broadcast on the Saturday programme ¡§Classical and Popular ¡V The NCPA Weekend Concerts¡¨ on the Beijing Television Station Performing Arts Channel.

Watch it here via Beijing Television BRTN website.
June 2010
Gold Medal Award - Olomouc Festival of Songs (Czech Republic)
Mundi Cantant Category G ¡V Chamber Choirs 2nd-6th June 2010
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