Associate Degree in Music Studies
About Our Programme
This concentration aims to nurture developing artists who will acquire the general knowledge and practical skills needed for a variety of careers; provide students with opportunities to personal and intellectual development.

Programme Characteristics Click here to read the programme brochure.
Programme Structure
Required Core Studies (30 units):
  • English & Chinese Language
  • Information Processing
  • Critical Thinking
  • Public Speaking
  • Health and Wellness

General Studies (9-10 units) - choose one subject from each of the following:
  • Social Sciences
  • General Business
  • Mathematics
  • Information Technology

Concentrations Studies Courses (15 units):
  • Theory and Musicianship I (3)
  • Theory and Musicianship II (3)
  • Performance Studies (3)
  • Advanced Performance Studies I (3)
  • Advanced Performance Studies II (3)

Elective Studies Courses (11-14 units) including:
  • Masterpieces of Western Music Literature I (3)
  • Masterpieces of Western Music Literature II (3)
  • Music Pedagogy (3)

This concentration aims to nurture developing artists who will acquire the general knowledge and practical skills needed for a variety of careers providing students with opportunities for personal and intellectual development.
Tuition Fee
Tuition Fee per year: HK$51,150 for local students / HK$65,100^for non-local students
* Tuition fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.
^ The tuition fee for non-credit bearing English Enhancement Courses for mainland students is HK$10,000 (HK$5,000 X 2 courses).
Students can apply for non-means tested loan and means tested loan or grant from the government.
The College offers scholarships and bursaries to recognize studentsˇ¦ outstanding achievements and assist those in financial need.
Application Fee
HK$200 for local applicants / HK$400 for non-local applicants (*non-refundable and non-transferable)
Admission Requirements
Academic Requirements:
  • Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE): Level 2 in five subjects (including Chinese Language and English Language); or
  • Satisfactory completion of the Yi Jin Diploma; or
  • Satisfactory completion of a Pre-Associate Degree/Foundation Programme; or
  • Hong Kong A-Level Examination (HKALE: 1 pass in one A-Level subject or 2 passes in two-AS-Level subjects, and 3 passes in HKCEE plus Level 2 or above in Chinese Language and English Language or
  • Other equivalent qualifications: to be assessed by CIE; or
  • Applications aged 21 or above with acceptable qualifications to justify admission; AND

Instrument Requirements:
  • Grade 8 in practical examination of the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) or equivalent in standard.
Please access HKBU College of International Education website.

Audition Guidelines

The applicant will be noti?ed for the date and time of the audition. He/she should prepare a 7-minute performance on their major instrument or voice consisting of two pieces of contrasting styles and historical eras that are equivalent to the standard of the Grade 8 ABRSM practical. Applicants who are proficient on a second instrument may perform for a few minutes after his/her major instrument audition. At the time of the audition, applicants are required to provide original score copies of the music to be performed. There will be a brief interview following the audition.

Applicants are welcome to submit supplementary materials such as original compositions, extended essays, or other documentations of musical attainments in the form of a portfolio which will be taken into consideration in the admission process and will not be returned to the applicants.

Audition Schedule

To be confirmed.
* The audition schedule is subject to change without prior notice.

Audition Deadline
Local applicants: Exact date TBC
Overseas & mainland applicants: Exact date TBC
A.D. Course Coordinator Dr. Austin Yip
Course Code Course Course Instructor
Semester 1 MUSC2201 Advanced Performance Studies I Mr. Stephen Wong (Piano)
Dr. Felix Ungar (String)
Mr. Homer Lee (Winds)
Dr. Melody Sze (Voice)
MUSC2203 Performance Studies* Dr. Jacqueline Petitto(Piano)
Dr. Felix Ungar (String)
Mr. Homer Lee (Winds)
Dr. Melody Sze (Voice)
MUSC2204 Theory and Musicianship I Dr. Jacqueline Petitto
ELSS2206 Masterpieces of Western Music Literature I Dr. Matthew Lau
Semester 2 MUSC2202 Advanced Performance Studies II TBC
MUSC2203 Performance Studies* TBC
MUSC2204 Theory and Musicianship II TBC
ELSS2208 Masterpieces of Western Music Literature II TBC
Admission Enquiries
Tel: 3411 3388
Address: Shek Mun Campus: 8 On Muk Street, Shek Mun
Shatin, New Territories
Kowloon Tong Campus: 4/F, David C. Lam Building
Shaw Campus, Hong Kong Baptist University
34 Renfrew Road, Kowloon Tong
Kowloon, Hong Kong

Programme Enquiries
Tel: 3411 5161
Fax: 3411 7870
Address: Department of Music
Hong Kong Baptist University
Kowloon Tong
Kowloon, Hong Kong
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