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With our new building, facilities & equipment, instruments, and programmes, these are exciting times at hkbu's music department.

For over 40 years the Department of Music has provided hundreds of graduates with a practical, creative and intellectual foundation for careers in music and music related fields. Our B.A. (Hons) in Music degree programme is one of the largest full-time programmes in Hong Kong and is designed to enable our graduates to work intelligently and creatively towards their own aspirations. Recent graduates have developed careers in teaching music at universities, secondary and primary schools as well as careers in arts management, recording, creative media, radio and television production and other music-related fields. Many of our graduates have furthered their studies in graduate schools worldwide including the US and Europe.

The Department has 21 full-time, 24 part-time and over 100 adjunct faculty. Many of them are leading artists and academics. The music composed and performed by faculty artists is distributed globally through CDs, DVDs, live performances, and broadcast, whereas papers and books written by our scholars are published in international journals and by major presses. Although actively engaged in scholarly and creative activities, our teachers are committed to helping students reach a high level of musical and intellectual development.

A Chance to study with internationally acclaimed composers, scholars and performers and in excellent facilities.

Those accepted into our Programme study with scholars and teachers in music theory and analysis, composition, Chinese and Western music history, music education and performance. Individuals also have the opportunity to interact with outstanding scholars and performers from China and the West. The programme places a special emphasis on the role of technology and computer in various aspects of music, providing students with cutting edge equipment and facilities. These include the vast electronic instruments and recording technology available in the Electro-Acoustic Music Centre, Departmental Music Technology Centre, Laboratory for ImmersiveArts and Technology, and other facilities on campus.


Performance, creativity, and scholarship are all important parts of a music education at Baptist University. We place a strong emphasis on solo, chamber and ensemble composition and performance throughout the years of study, including performances with advanced technology, providing a rich experience in practical music making. In past years, Hong Kong Baptist University ensembles have performed extensively outside Hong Kong. The Hong Kong Baptist University Girl's Choir has had tours to Korea, Singapore, Canada, Taiwan, Malaysia, the United States, the Czech Republic and Russia. The Hong Kong Baptist University Choir has performed in Switzerland and Austria. The Collegium Musicum Hong Kong toured to London and Beijing. The HKBU Symphony Orchestra presents at least two major concerts annually. Our composers have had major international performances and won distinguished awards in compositions for traditional acoustic instruments, electronic instruments, and film scoring. Our scholars have presented papers at major international conferences, obtained PhD's from major universities and now hold full-time faculty positions globally.

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