HKBU Music Faculty Shines in New Release

15 March 2019

The work Flexidra II by HKBU Department of Music Assistant Professor Dr Camilo Mendez has been released in the CD "Solitaire" by saxophonist Pedro Pablo Camara Toldos, on the record label IBS Classical. This CD aims to compile the most emblematic works of the end of the twentieth century while seeking to give more recent music a leading role because, fortunately, some of todayˇ¦s creators are of the same quality as the most firmly-established figures of the previous period. The intention has been to select a programme where various styles coexist while seeking to keep in common the use the individual composers make of the saxophone with the aim of offering a message, part of the differentiated language of each.

Flexidra II - The BURSZTYN cycle of compositions is a collection of works inspired by two series of sculptures titled Minimaquina and Flexidra by Colombian artist Feliza Bursztyn. Conceptually the cycle explores the idea of creating impossible objects, altering and/or adding foreign objects to traditional western instruments. Structurally, each work is assembled using musical textures similar to machines that are collapsing.

ˇ§Pedro Pablo Camara is an excellent performer with whom I have had the pleasure to collaborate in different occasions and I am honored that he has decided to include my work in this CD alongside emblematic works for saxophone by Scelsi, Sciarrino, Berio, Harvey and Tenney and works by colleagues I admire (Abel Paul and German Alonso).ˇ¨ Dr Mendez said.

Dr Camilo Mendez, Assistant Professor
Composition, Extended Instrumental Techniques & New Music Notation

  • DM, composition, the Royal College of Music, London
  • The Rieman and Baketel Fellow for Music 2017 at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study at Harvard University
  • Winner of Call for Scores Winner for Cartography of Confined Spaces by Iceberg New Music New York, USA 2018
  • Francis Chagrin Award for Composers, Sound and Music, UK 2017
More music by Dr Mendez: https://soundcloud.com/ca-mendez-san-juan/tracks

Dr. Camilo Mendez

"Solitaire", Pedro Pablo Camara Toldos

CDˇ¦s backcover