Dr. Mack Enns
Research Assistant Professor
Game Scoring, Composition, Music Technology, Gaming, Music Programming
Office: DLB818
Tel.: 3411 5331
E-mail: mackenns@hkbu.edu.hk
Mack Enns is a Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Music, and is a part of the Creative Media and Practice (CMP) research cluster at HKBU. He primarily researches "game scoring," or music composition for video games, and teaches history and studio courses in this area. Mack enjoys using vintage game consoles and other hardware to 'VJ' or perform visual media in response to live music, and uses these performances to communicate his research on interactive music. He is also interested in game and game score preservation, and is an active participant in online video game emulation development communities. Mack has a book from Routledge coming out in 2021, entitled Understanding Game Scoring, that discusses game scoring as both music composition and software programming.
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