Bachelor of Music (Honours) in Creative Industries ^
2019 - 2020 Admission

Shortlisted applicants may be invited to sit for a written exam and /or audition/interview,

Schedule of written exam: TBC

For Hong Kong students taking HKDSE for admission via JUPAS in 2019, the General Entrance Requirements are:

HKDSE Core Subject(s)

Minimum Level









Elective Subject(s)

Minimum Level



- This programme will consider Other Language subjects at Grade E or above as unspecified elective subject.


Departmental Entry Requirements

The programme seeks candidates who are creative, collaborative, and open to new ideas; who are problem solvers and entrepreneurs; and who have something extra that sets them apart from other music students. We consider every aspect of a candidate's strengths, including but not limited to: melody writing, harmony usage, ensemble collaboration, industry knowledge, arrangement, orchestration, visual media comprehension, computer software competence, etc. We are looking for evidence of either 1) a talent for enhancing visual media with music composition, and with a mind-set of a storyteller; or 2) strong performance, artistic, and creative abilities.

All applicants must have both a good result in Grade 8 ABRSM practical or its equivalent and at least Grade 5 in ABRSM Theory (or its equivalent), and/or show other evidence of distinction in music.

In addition to the general admission requirements by the University and the Department, applicants are required to submit a portfolio and to attend a written test and an interview/audition.

The applicant's ability can be assessed by the following criteria: interview/audition, portfolio (for scoring) or audition / video recording (for performance), and written test.

1. For the applicants for ˇ§Scoring for Film, Television and Video Game Concentrationˇ¨: 2 to 3 pieces of contrasting music (visual media optional), preferably with notated scores. The scoring portfolio should demonstrate potential in various styles of composition, such as orchestral or electronic context, and in musical storytelling for visual media.

2. For the applicants for ˇ§Popular Music Performance and Songwriting Concentrationˇ¨: short video of performance of existing music, plus recordings of original compositions. The performance portfolio should demonstrate performance (instrumental or vocal), songwriting, and other creative ability.

Interview/audition and written test
After screening of portfolios, select applicants will be invited to an interview / audition that aims to know more about their passion as well as knowledge in and related to the creative industry. They will also be given a written test that aims to gauge their ability in music theory and aural skills on an instrument.

Programme Information

Programme Description
The Bachelor of Music (Hons) in Creative Industries Programme will offer professional training in scoring and popular music performance for film, television, video games, and other visual media. The Programme will provide a new articulation path for students with two options in Scoring for Film, Television and Video Game and Popular Music Performance and Songwriting. Students will study and develop skills in scoring for film and television, video games and visual media, popular music performance, songwriting, and music technologies for media production.
Unique Features
This programme offers comprehensive training to aspiring composers, vocalists, and instrumentalists for careers in the creative and entertainment industries. Students in the Popular Music Performance and Songwriting Concentration will develop capabilities that will enable them to enter the music industry as performer-songwriters, lyricists, instrumental and/or vocal performers, arrangers, and music producers. Students in the Scoring for Film, Television and Video Game Concentration will develop musical skills and knowledge to function as composers, orchestrators, music supervisors, music editors, conductors, and music producers in the film, television, recording, and video game industry.
Within the framework of a liberal arts university, apart from the professional training they receive through their major, students will gain insights into the larger issues of Preview Programme science, society, human community, global cultures – knowledge that is essential for the education of professional artist-musician in music and media.

Career Opportunities 
Graduates of this programme will be prepared for a wide range of career opportunities in the creative and entertainment industries, functioning as film and video games composers, songwriters, contemporary music performers, and music producers.

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