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Dr. Andre J. Elias
Assistant Professor
Ethnomusicology, Improvisation, Research Methods
Office: LMC501
Tel.: (852) 3411-7831

Dr. André J.P. Elias researches and performs in a variety of musical traditions from the Americas, Spain, South Asia and Southeast Asia. His research explores topics of identity, spirituality, nationalism, and the politics of organology, along with a focus on theory, improvisation, and performance practices. Recent publications include work on the slide-guitar’s evolution and adaptation to Indian and Burmese traditional and modern genres which has developed into a new focus on economies of instrument making and environmental issues like the conservation of local tone-woods. André is an active performer on the classical and electric guitar, a range of percussion traditions (Afro-Cuban, Guinean Mandigue, Middle-Eastern), sitar, tabla, and Hindustani slide-guitar. With special emphasis on Hindustani classical music, Bengali and Rajasthani folk and popular, he has been working in Hong Kong with local and immigrant communities on developing ensembles as vehicles of intercultural communication and collaboration. Under the banner of the HKBU World Music series, he has organized numerous performances from diverse cultural backgrounds while working with the local and international community to provide high-quality artistic and educational programming.

At HKBU, Dr. Elias teaches courses in ethnomusicology, areas studies courses (Jazz, Blues, and Broadway; Comparative Music of Asia; Music of Latin America and Spain; Hindustani Music), theoretically focused courses (Music of Spiritual Traditions of the World; Improvisation Traditions around the World), and research design courses in the MA program. He actively develops curriculum, designs new courses, and creates educational guided listening apps with the HKBU app resource centre. As an active member of the Society for Ethnomusicology, The American Musical Instrument Society, the Association for Asian Studies, and other groups, Dr. Elias maintains an international profile and enjoys contributing to the diversity and creative environment of Hong Kong Baptist University.

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